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imageA natural smile improves your look.The smile plays an important role in human communication.By the eloquent expression, people make new friends and get good opportunities.Life will be changed by your smile.

Do you think your facial expression is poor which makes it difficult to communicate with the others?
The teeth alignment depends on the movement of the muscle of the face.
With daily muscle training and effective treatment, one is able to improve all of these.

The interdisciplinary treatment for the recovery of your good looks.

image image

By the long-term lack of the chewing movement, especially the low right side, there is not enough tension for the muscles of the cheek to smile which also results in loss of the brightness of the eyes.

Gradually the bite strength was increased, the tension of the muscles recovered and a younger natural smile appeared again.

How to smile correctly

Would you like to know how to laugh naturally using your facial muscles?
Her is some simple daily exercise that will help you to have a perfect smile!

image image image
1 Relax the face and lip, and then raise the corner of the mouth. 2 Increase the tension of the cheek muscle, emphasizing the teeth, resulting in sideways expansion of the cheek and the contraction of the corners of the mouth. Make sure the lower lip is covering the teeth of the lower, and keep the position for 10 seconds. 3 Using your fingers, check that the corners of the mouth do not move, and keep this position for 10 seconds.B

There are various additional training methods available.
Please consult with a nearby JSAD member.
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