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imageThe basis of the development of the occlusion and jaw are formed in e the weaning period.The jaws muscles are developed by 3 years old.

The bite is developed before 3 years old

Nobody is born with natural bite function without learning. It is important to acquire the bite ability firmly before 3 years old, especially the weaning period. If the child can't confirm the skillful biting ability, then the face and tightness of the mouth will be affected.
Just check the biting habit! With any balance chewing movement, the alignment of the adult teeth and bite will collapse gradually.

The check-point for children

Saliva is easy to come out from the mouth
The saliva flow out all the
The food always fill the mouth
The mouth put aside the food
Can't bite anything hard
Swallowing without biting
Inhale-like eating
Indistinct pronunciation
The tension of chin is noted
when swallowing
Low lip biting habit
Swallowing with mouth
Biting only with one side MOVIE-WINDOWS
Eating with loud sound
Keep tongue out when eating
The soiled mouth
Few number of bite


The check-point in daily life

The well-done cooking and eating
The food with sufficient cooking and various menu
With highly will and appetite to eat
The regular meal time
Enjoy the happy meal time with family
Make sure the content of the meal are not soft one only
Not much milk or water drinking for pouring the food
Keep the children in regular life rhythm

Consult with the nearby JSAD member's clinic, if there are any questions!

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