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JSAD membership requirement

The admission applicant should have 5 years clinical experience and beyond 40 years old (in some special circumstances, the judgment of the committee is needed), and also one JSAD member's recommendation is required.
The member who recommends the applicant should take sufficient responsibility on after recommendation and also admission.

The admission applicant should submit application form with clinical case attached to the screening committee and take the examination.
Please use the prepared format for clinical case submission.

 iamge JSAD admission document form (Microsoft Power point) download

The clinical case should include endodontic treatment of incisor, premolar and molar with each 2 cases. Another anterior prosthetic case is necessary.

The pretreatment and postprosthesis X-ray photographs are necessary for the endodontic case. The anterior prosthetic case should have the clear, standardized photograph.

For orthodontist, one professional treatment case and one plaque control case are needed.

The applicant must submit the application form with clinical case attached to the examination committee before the deadline.

The applicant who submitted the clinical case should have 10 minutes presentation considering the aesthetic dentistry. By the approval of the examination committee, the applicant becomes the JSAD member.

 iamge JSAD Application Form (Microsoft Word) download


The JSAD accept the professional who master the basic cosmetic treatment only.

In 2003 admission case

Before After
image image
image image

Examination of the root canal treatment

The treatment of
anterior tooth
The treatment of posterior tooth
image image

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