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imageYour lips determine your expression.

Malocclusions not only cause eating problems but also speech problem.
People with dental problems would naturally like to hide their teeth when they speak. This gives others the impression of not being interested or ignoring the other person or showing an introverted personality.
In order to eliminate the above problems with the occlusion (bite), you need orthodontic treatment to correct the malocclusions.

Is your smile natural?

image image image
If you improve the alignment of your teeth, you will dramatically enhance your expression. If you have alignment problems with your teeth, you do not smile.
If teeth have a healthy color and shape and are straight, it makes your face sparkle and makes your expression lively.
If the occlusion (bite) is not aligned correctly, not only will you have difficulty eating but your speech pronunciation will not be good. If brushing is not done correctly it is easy to get gum disease and cavities. Of course your smile your confidence will be lost.
People dont realize teeth problems can give a negative impression or show disinterest.


Is your smile natural?

Discoloration of the teeth in the above picture can be caused by root canal treatments. A bleaching agent can be used to whiten teeth. Old fillings in teeth can be replaced with resin fillings to restore their beauty so a crown is not necessary every time.

The picture below shows that the alignment of the upper cervical line is not straight and gives people the impression of an unnatural expression. An adjustment of the upper cervical line restores natural beauty. Removal of gum pigment recovers the health of the gum. Magnetic dentures are the last step in the aesthetic restoration process.

We, the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Dentistry, will help you make these kinds of improvements.
image image image
image image image


The teeth are very delicate

Every day you chew thousands of times, both hot and cold foods. Under these circumstances, secondary cavities may form next to the old fillings.
See an expert who has professional knowledge and will help you determine whether or not you brush correctly and will help you solve problems.

If you have any questions,
please contact a member of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Dentistry.
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